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2019 at Abacus: Travel, UX and Much More

This year was full of reimbursable corporate expenses: trips, meetings, retail purchases, coffees, lunches, dinners… And if you’re an Abacus user involved in expense approvals, your year was filled with: real time expense reports, streamlined credit card reconciliations, and more importantly a lot of expense policy enforcement and control. So let’s look back at the highlights of 2019.

Abacus Travel

Brand new to the Abacus platform is Abacus Travel, which we announced back in February. Abacus Travel is a full-featured travel booking platform accessible from right inside of Abacus. With the ability to book travel and seamlessly pass itineraries into our expense reporting system, this integrated solution lets you manage all of your team’s travel spending with the power and flexibility of real time expense reporting.

Abacus is still compatible with other travel booking platforms, but only Abacus Travel offers the seamless marriage of corporate travel booking automation and real time expense reporting.

Product Improvements

Export Builder

Preparing a CSV for upload into accounting software is often a labor-intensive process. Even if you’re able to export the data you actually want, you still need to delete columns and manually format data. It’s either a waste of your time or a costly waste of someone else’s. Abacus has changed that. 

Export Builder is the first ever interface that lets customers format and edit the precise CSV template they want, down to the level of individual expenses. No coding, no deletion, no second-guessing. With Export Builder, Abacus has made it drag-and-drop easy to customize data exports ready for any destination or use case.

Category Bulk Upload

When setting up your categories in a new account within Abacus, or doing a large-scale restructure, you can now use Category Bulk Update to change several categories at once. 

During a customer product implementation admins no longer have to manually map categories, with Category Bulk Update they can create new categories and subcategories, such as expenses belonging to Conference XY (category) for booth giveaways (subcategory).

UX Tweaks

This year we released many improvements, but here we highlight four UX changes that make corporate cards easier to manage on Abacus. 

These launches have made Abacus friendlier than ever for customers with corporate cards:

  1. Non-reimbursable expense creation – this simple UX change, helps users avoid duplicate or incorrect expense submissions, specifically, submitting an expense when in reality it’s a corporate card charge.
  2. Rules apply to refunds – every Warning, Blocking, and Auto Approval rule in Abacus now applies to refunds, and can be ensured to contain all the information you need.
  3. Approval notification emails – all users are now able to turn off notification emails when an expense is approved. Separately, card holders can turn on notification emails for corporate card expenses.
  4. New Expense Policy page – on the new, redesigned Expense Policy page, Warning, Blocking, and Mileage rules are now in one Rules column, and rules can now be edited while they’re live.

With many more feature launches around the corner, our Product and Engineering team is hard at work ensuring that Abacus continues to define the best expense management experience available. These updates, which make Abacus a more scalable and corporate card-friendly platform, strengthen our ability to handle complex workflows in a flexible, intuitive way.

Team Outings

With so much hard work this year, we also had a chance to gather for some team bonding and have some fun!

Back in April, we volunteered with Grow NYC to help restore the Lentol Gardens in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We also were able to spend the day at Central Park and have our first Abacus Field Day which included relay races, egg tosses, and an epic picnic.  

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Abacus Field Day ✔️🏆🥇

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Lastly, we ended the year with a big celebration for all of our hard work with a holiday party at The Wren in NYC. 

From our team to yours, have a great holiday, and we’ll see you in 2020.

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