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3 Apps for Making Your Employees the Most Effective

In today’s world, everyone is a freelancer it seems and more and more work is being handled at off site locations or startup offices launched in basements. Entrepreneurs and their employees may not always have access to resources that the Fortune 500 have when it comes to a steady work schedule. But that’s no reason why these businesses should be any less efficient. A number of apps exist specifically for this reason. Below we’ve compiled three of the best selections for you and your team to use to stay on task.


For the team that’s spread out among different locations, states or countries, iDoneThis let’s you stay interconnected, hassle free. The email-based app is seriously simple. Each day an email is sent to each member of your team with one simple question: “what did you get done today?” Each member is encouraged to write a clear, concise response (for example, “I finished up the coding on XYZ”) and iDoneThis then compiles all the responses into a daily or weekly digest for the whole team to view in their inbox. With this simple email, you can get rid of any micromanaging and those exhausting, tedious “check-ins.” iDoneThis asks that one important question for you, keeps all team members responsible, and starts a conversation that will ensure you don’t get stuck or stagnant. The service is $5/month for businesses and a free trial exists to show you how it works.


Most of us small business owners don’t have an IT professional dedicated to making sure our passwords are protected and robust; and that’s where 1Password comes in. This cross-platform app works ingeniously by providing random, near-impenetrable passwords for each account you have and saving them to your account online or to your smartphone. When you want to login, your browser accesses 1Password which fills in the related password for you. That’s it. You can have strong, unrelated passwords for all your accounts without remembering them or worrying that hackers will find your one password that rules all your accounts. Though it isn’t free, 1Password can provide the peace of mind that all your private information stays private, allowing you to focus on your actual business.


A list of productivity apps for small businesses wouldn’t be complete without Evernote. This app is the place you put everything in your life from lists, tweets, files, pictures to practically anything else you can think of. Consider it your notebook and briefcase for the Internet. Users say that it helps them save serious amounts of time with its consolidation and effective search features. It’s also free for basic use with upgrades at $5/month for premium features and $10/month for businesses. Give it a try and change your cluttered workspace into an organized, effective machine.


Written by Kevin Zimmerman
Kevin is a former Certified Public Accountant with experience consulting small businesses and Fortune 500 companies on state and local tax matters. Previously a senior associate with PwC in Seattle, he is currently a freelance writer on a host of topics residing in Brooklyn, NY. You can find him on LinkedIn.
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