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4 UX Tweaks That Make Corporate Cards Easier To Manage on Abacus

Here are a few recent product launches that have made Abacus friendlier than ever for customers with corporate cards.

Over the past few months, Abacus has invested in making it easier to manage a corporate card program on our real time expense reporting platform.

Joining long-standing features like Suggested Expenses, Delegates, and automated email notifications for outstanding expenses, the product additions outlined below aim to minimize friction in Abacus’ corporate card experience. Here’s a look at a few features we launched recently.

Non-reimbursable Expense creation

As with so many user experience (UX) improvements, the idea for this change originated when we observed something interesting in our customers’ behavior. In this case, we noticed that the vast majority of corporate card holders’ expenses occurred on their corporate cards—which, of course, are not reimbursable. The problem was that when corporate card holders logged in and clicked ‘New Expense’, they were taken through the flow for creating a reimbursable expense.

This led to occasional confusion. If a corporate card expense had not yet posted to the card feed, for example, the cardholder might decide to do it themselves and accidentally create an entirely new reimbursable expense.

With this release, those days are over. When a corporate card holder logs into the Abacus web app, their default expense creation interaction will say ‘Submit Corporate Card Expense’. Clicking this button will take them to the Suggested Expenses page, where they can view all their cards’ unexpensed items.

If they do actually want to create a reimbursable expense, they’ll be able to click the drop-down arrow next to the button and select ‘New Reimbursable Expense’.

This clarification is going to go a long way towards ensuring corporate card holders can expense accurately and safely—and towards aligning Abacus with the way customers want to use it.

Rules apply to refunds

Corporate card refunds used to pose a unique challenge to Abacus. Finance teams need every transaction on a corporate card expensed and documented, but when the amount of the transaction was negative, it would throw off the automated expense policy. The refund transactions would process without any rules being enforced against them.

A few weeks ago, we solved this problem by applying automated policy rules to the absolute value of a card transaction. That means every Warning, Blocking, and Auto Approval rule in Abacus now applies to refunds, and can be ensured to contain all the information you need.

Approval notification emails

Giving corporate card holders more control over their email preferences was a small but meaningful way to improve the expense submission experience. Getting corporate card holders to submit expenses tends to be a hassle, and letting them control the degree to which they’re notified about expense approval was a way to minimize that friction.

Therefore, all users are now able to turn off notification emails when an expense is approved. Separately, card holders can turn on notification emails for corporate card expenses.

New Expense Policy page

The biggest UX update of the last quarter wasn’t geared specifically to corporate cards, but rather towards making Abacus easier for companies with lengthy expense policies. 

On the new, redesigned Expense Policy page, Warning, Blocking, and Mileage rules are now in one Rules column.

The Add a Rule workflow is now a multi-stage process that will make rule creation more discoverable and responsive to the Admin’s need. Crucially, the last step of the process is a brand new preview stage, which lets the Admin see their automation written out in plain English — as the rule will be — before committing to create the rule.

Finally, rules can now be edited while they’re live. If you need to change the budget level of a rule, or change a Warning rule to a Blocking, that can be done in far fewer steps than before.

Making Abacus work for larger teams

With many more feature launches around the corner, our Product and Engineering team is hard at work ensuring that Abacus continue to define the best expense management experience available to growing companies. These updates, which make Abacus a more scalable and corporate card-friendly platform, strengthen our ability to handle complex workflows in a flexible, intuitive way.

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