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Abacus 2015 End of Year Feature Wrap Up

Abacus 2016

2016 is already off with a bang and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any recent updates we’ve made. These new features will help you get a head start on a productive new year with a more streamlined workflow and improved real time expense reporting. Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting updates in 2016!

Billable Expenses

Abacus Billable Expenses

Billing back expenses to your clients is now easier when you enable the Billable field in your expense workflow. Your employees can simply toggle the Billable field to indicate whether an expense should be billed back to a client or customer.

Most folks who enable the Billable field option also use a custom Expense Field to add clients or projects to an expense. Learn how to enter an Expense Field that can be mapped to your Customer list!

Connecting a Corporate Card Program


Abacus Corporate Card Program

Previously, each employee needed to connect his or her corporate card to their individual Abacus account. With an update to our corporate card dashboard, admins can now connect an entire Card Program in one fell swoop by pulling in all sub-accounts and then assigning each card to the correct employee. The assigned cards will then show up in each employee’s account so that they can expense transactions directly from the card feed.

This helps eliminate employee issues and confusion when expensing non-reimbursable transactions and gives you the control to see all of the corporate card transactions from a single dashboard.

Add More Context to Your Expenses:

Team Fields

Need to assign each employee a location or department? Administrators can now create custom Team Fields (i.e. Department) to group employees by specific information (i.e. Sales). This automatically adds an additional snippet of data to each expense submitted by that employee quietly in the background, creating more powerful team management and reporting.

To add a new custom Team Field to your account, visit your company settings.

Expense Fields

Want to capture more structured data when employees create their expenses? Create custom Expense Fields to gain more context around topics such as client, project, or event. This provides you unlimited ways to customize each expense, and empowers your employees to add the right information the first time while submitting expenses.

Both Team and Expense Fields can be mapped to your accounting software fields such as, Class and Customers for QuickBooks; Tracking Categories in Xero; and Location, Department or Class in Netsuite.

Accounting Sync History

If you use Abacus’ automated accounting integrations, we will automatically sync the appropriate transactions for bank debits and corporate card transactions that will make reconciling a breeze.

The new Accounting Sync History tab in your Abacus settings shows a detailed overview of each transaction, and provides you with direct links to the invoice, payment, and bank transaction that is created in your accounting software.

NetSuite Integration

We’re excited to announce that Abacus has formalized its partnership with NetSuite and is available as an accounting software integration on Abacus! In addition to QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Xero, Abacus now syncs data for both reimbursable expenses, as well as corporate card expenses into your NetSuite software to make reconciliation quick and painless.

2016’s New Mileage rate

If your mileage reimbursement rate is set to the standard IRS rate in Abacus, we’ve automatically updated it to reflect the new 2016 reimbursement rate of 54 cents per mile. If you use a custom reimbursement rate, we have not made any updates, so if you’d like to change it you can do so manually in your settings.

Quickly Organize Your Inbox by User

Abacus Filter by User

Our Search and Filter feature allows you to slice and dice your data, giving you meaningful insights that can help improve and speed up your workflow.  Most recently, we made it even faster to toggle between employees and view their expenses. This is helpful if you prefer to review one employee’s unapproved expenses at a time. Stay tuned for more great tweaks to this feature!

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