Abacus Updates

Abacus Demo Video

Check out the new Abacus demo video to see how we’re re-inventing the way businesses manage expenses.

Abacus is an intuitive way for you to reimburse your team, reconcile corporate cards, and implement your expense policy. By eliminating month-end expense reports, we’re turning the negative feelings associated with submitting expenses into a delightful, collaborative experience.

Our mobile apps help users quickly and accurately submit expenses on the go, while our customizable expense policy builder lets administrators automate rules, warnings and other policy specifics. Abacus also syncs with your corporate cards, syncing transactions to a single dashboard, and with your accounting software, eliminating manual data entry.

Abacus is for companies that want to have a more collaborative and delightful way to manage business expenses. Life doesn’t wait for the end of the month and neither does Abacus!




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