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Abacus Feature: iOS URL Schemes

As of v1.1 of the Abacus iOS application, you can now launch the app using the custom URL scheme abacus://.

Why is this awesome? Imagine you want to expense an Uber ride. Uber could create an ‘Expense with Abacus’ button that would automatically load up the ‘new expense’ screen, pre-filled with the amount, the merchant (‘Uber’), and the note (‘Ride from 220 East 23rd to 1 west 72nd St.’)

How does it work?

Just launch Abacus:

Open an existing expense:


  • expense_id – Abacus expense Id.

Create a new expense:

Paramaters (all optional):

  • vendor – Name of the vendor where this expense occurred as a URL encoded string
  • amount – Amount of the expense in USD as a decimal number
  • note – Note to be included in the expense as a URL encoded string

How do I use them?

From an iOS App:

From a mobile website:


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