Abacus Updates

Abacus is Now Integrated with Slack!

Today, Slack made a big announcement about their message buttons which allow users to get work done in Slack, which launched with a select group of partners. Abacus is excited to be one of those featured partners and be the first full-featured expense management software integrated with Slack.

With the new Abacus and Slack integration, you’ll be able to quickly take care of everyday expense reporting tasks from the comfort of your Slack window.

So what can you do in Slack?


  • Invite new team members to Abacus in Slack by using their @name or email address, and – personalize your invitation with a note.
  • Get notifications when expenses are ready for you to review and approve them in Slack with the click of a button. Be sure to set up auto-approval rules to take care of recurring monthly expenses and then we’ll only notify you about things you actually need to review.



  • Use Slack to upload receipts to Abacus, then we’ll read them to make expensing later a breeze. You can even add your note to your upload and we’ll add it to your expense.



More to Come!

We’ll continue building out new features in Abacus and our Slack integration to keep you productive and efficient. Let us know if you have any great ideas for how you want to use Slack and Abacus together!


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