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Abacus Now Integrates with Zenefits

Zenefits announced the introduction of their HR App Experience today and Abacus is excited to be one of the first in a group of partners to be listed. The directory aims to help businesses streamline and manage functions like performance management, expense tracking, and more. Abacus and other partners will be able to use Zenefits notifications and data to automate specific actions in our own platforms.

At Abacus, we are always looking for ways to streamline and automate expense reporting, including how you manage your team, so we were excited to build an integration to the Zenefits platform. By integrating with Zenefits, we’re removing duplicated work for both admins and employees, making it easy to keep records consistent across platforms.

How does the Abacus + Zenefits integration work?

With the new integration, Abacus administrators can keep user access in sync with an employee’s Zenefits profile, inviting and deactivating team members as necessary. Once an employee is invited to Abacus, they will be able to use their Zenefits profile to pre-fill their Abacus account information, making it simple to get started.


Keeping consistent records is important

As companies grow, they add more employees and applications to their ecosystem. It can be hard to keep software permissions and access consistent across the platforms, but nonetheless is an important security and compliance measure. Connecting systems like Abacus and Zenefits helps you manage your team from a single location and automate access.


Getting started

Ready to connect your Zenefits and Abacus account? Visit abacus.com/zenefits to get started!

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