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Abacus Updates: Advanced Team Management Capabilities

At Abacus, we’ve always got our ears open, listening for pain points and challenges that organizations face with expense management. As we have added new features and capabilities, one of our major underlying themes has been speeding up the expense reporting process for both administrators and employees submitting expenses. This past quarter we made a lot of structural changes and added new features that all focus on better team management in Abacus.

The purpose of better team management is to speed up the administrative tasks that come with managing business expenses. This helps us not only build a solid and scalable system that can grow with companies as they grow, but it also has a trickle down effect on the reimbursement cycle, the employee experience, and company reporting. Better team management is the foundation to a well run system.

So what does this mean – what’s new in Abacus?

Adding Custom Fields


We’ve expanded our capabilities for customizing the data collected with expenses so that it can be completely customized to your business. This is a major change and comes with a lot of value never seen before in an expense management system. It allows you to build your database inline with your business without the unwanted noise. You can build your system to collect client names, project numbers, or event names in a way that ties the data only to the relevant expenses. This new structure turns Abacus into a neural network of expense data, ultimately lending itself to another level of customized reporting and automation rules.

Taking Bulk Actions


Administrators can use bulk actions across our platform to quickly cross those tedious tasks off their to do lists. We’ve sped up the administrative work of adding new users, assigning employee managers, and adding other data (such as department, location, etc.) to team member profiles with the sleek redesign of our People Page. Reviewing expenses has also gotten faster as we added in the ability to bulk approve expenses from both web and mobile apps.

Search and Filter


Keyword search has always been a feature of Abacus, but we’ve amplified it by creating a powerful filtering tool that allows you to pivot off of any custom or standard data collected with expenses. Filtering in Abacus helps you create and save dynamic reports which you can use to review and approve expenses or to provide insights into cash flow. The tool allows you to slice and dice your data in whatever way you chose in order to provide real value.

Corporate Card Dashboard


Reconciling corporate cards at the end of each month is an incredibly time consuming activity. Our dashboard gives administrators an on-demand view into the company card program, with clear visibility into what has and has not been expensed – instead of waiting until the end of each month to compare the statement to a pile of receipts.


Overall, improving team management in Abacus is meant to give admins the chance to create a system that is customized to their needs without the noise of bulky systems. The focus is on freeing up time and making administrative tasks easier, not just adding features to a list.

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