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Adding More Context: Split Expenses and Hotel Stay Dates

We’ve got a lot rolling out of the pipeline at Abacus this quarter. Following on the heels of our release of accrual accounting, our newest features focus on the ability to capture more context needed for expenses, especially when traveling. That’s why we’re excited to now offer the ability to split reimbursable expenses across categories, as well as capture check-in and check-out dates for hotel stays.

Travel and expense spend is closely tied to specific reporting the company requires to conduct business, such as billing back to customers or projects. This makes it incredibly important to have the ability to properly code spend according to category, client, project or other specific expense detail.

How Does Split Expenses Work?

Imagine you’re visiting a client on the opposite coast. You book your hotel room and when you check out, your final bill includes the room charge, as well as two meals. Simply create a new expense using your final bill and click the ‘split expense’ button (this is only available on the web app at the moment – it’ll be on your Abacus mobile app soon!). Then divide the appropriate amounts between the corresponding categories, notes and other details. Don’t worry – we help out with the math!


Abacus Split Expenses


Adding Hotel Stay Dates

For the portion of the split that is categorized as hotel stay, another detail field will appear to add check-in and check-out dates. Admins also have the option to create a rule that requires these fields to be filled in for any expense in their hotel category.


Abacus Hotel Dates


These two new features will help add context to expenses yet maintain the simple, fluid interface for employees. Collecting meaningful data accurately and quickly is an important core function of Abacus. We want our customers to get the data they need to gain meaningful insights for their business. 

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