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Air On The Side Of Real Time With Abacus Corporate Travel Booking

Abacus Travel combines seamless travel booking with the power of real time expense reporting.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Abacus Travel, a full-featured travel booking platform accessible right inside of Abacus. With the ability to book travel and seamlessly pass itineraries into our expense reporting system, this integrated solution lets you manage all of your team’s travel spending with the power and flexibility of real time expense reporting.

How Abacus books corporate travel

Abacus Travel is a configurable, automated booking tool that lives within Abacus. It ensures more control for your Finance team while making it easy for employees to book travel that adheres to policy.

Employees access the platform via the “Book Travel” tab in Abacus. From there, an intuitive user interface lets them choose from listings from all five GDS systems (including Southwest Airlines and Air Canada) along with rates for rail travel, car rental, and lodging. Abacus Travel also supports all your preferred payment options and, if applicable, your company’s pre-negotiated travel rates.

The only thing limiting what employees can book is your automated travel policy. Finance teams can configure which search results appear to which employees, helping implement preferences around seating class, carrier, and more.

Once purchased, the itinerary from the booked travel immediately generates a Suggested Expense, ready to be submitted and, if necessary, reimbursed. The itinerary also creates a Trip in Abacus, letting travelers and Admins maintain a real time overview of all travel expenses.

Online travel booking meets real time expense reporting

Integrating a booking experience with Abacus helps organizations manage travel spending with the efficiency, automation, and support of real time expense reporting.

With Abacus Travel you can:

Gain control. Abacus Travel automatically filters search results to show each employee only the options they’re allowed to book. This automation can be configured as granularly as your travel policies—across business units, levels of hierarchy, and geography.

Manage your team in one place. Because Abacus Travel passes itinerary data into Abacus, all the users and settings you’ve already established for expense reporting immediately apply to your travel booking workflow. No need to redundantly set up your payment methods, expense approval routing, or accounting software sync. By centralizing your user management, Abacus Travel unifies travel and expense across your whole team.

Power Insights with real time data. Insights, the reporting tool built into Abacus, powers even more in-depth reporting with accurate, comprehensive travel spending data. With just a few clicks, you can see the complete picture of your travel spend. Surface valuable takeaways like the amount spent to visit certain clients or a particular department’s most frequently used travel vendors.

Rest easy with Abacus support. A dedicated Customer Success Manager sets you up on both Abacus and Abacus Travel, helping align your policies from start to finish. For Employees, Abacus Travel comes with a dedicated travel support agent to help them deal with situations on the ground.

Travel and expense, together at last

Abacus is still compatible with other travel booking platforms, but only Abacus Travel offers the seamless marriage of corporate travel booking automation and real time expense reporting.

To learn more about Abacus Travel, check out our support docs or click here to request a demo.

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