Abacus Updates

Expense Inbox getting unwieldy? Now you can apply bulk actions!


We knew that employees would find Abacus really easy to use and that they’d get in the habit of filing expenses in real-time. As administrators, that meant you’d need powerful new tools to filter and act on this expense stream.

So, we’ve built in a way for you to apply batch actions to multiple expenses. Ever wanted to just hit ‘select all’? It’s now super easy to approve a bunch of expenses at once!

You can also use our smart search bar to look for specific expense streams to review or approve quickly (i.e. all of Ben’s expenses for a specific category within the last month).

For all of you admins that have let the expenses pile up… give our multi-select feature a whirl and let us know how you like it by sending us a note at hi@abacus.com!

– Steve

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