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Free-Form Custom Expense Fields Are Here

Exciting news for Abacus customers looking to track expenses by a unique identifier: we’ve launched a new type of custom expense field that allows employees to enter free-form text.

Creating free-form text expense fields will help you track information like purchase order numbers, tax amounts, and trip names. This custom field type is great for tagging expenses with information that is a unique value. Free-form text fields can be set to be visible by everyone at your company or you can limit it to specific teams, the same as you can with any custom expense field.

Abacus Custom Fields


Here are a few things to note about how and when to use them:

  1. Employees will be creating the field value: This means you can track expenses with a lot of flexibility, just be sure to check for typos or inconsistencies. If you have a set list of values (such as clients or project names), it might be better to use the pick-down list option.
  2. Filtering expenses on this field: Due to the large quantity of unique values in this field, we didn’t want to overwhelm you with filter options that would become unmanageable.
  3. Creating policy rules for this type of custom field: If you would like to require that this field is filled out, you can create an expense policy rule the same way you always have for any other custom field.

For more information on how to setup a new free-form text expense field, check out our support article.

View-Only Admin

Another feature we launched this month is the ability to add an administrator to your Abacus account who does not have the ability to approve expenses. This role can be used to invite an outsourced accountant or auditor to your Abacus account, or anyone else who you want to be able to view everyone’s expenses but not approve or trigger reimbursement.

Abacus Non-Approval Admin

Check out our support article for more information on how to set a user as a non-approval admin.


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