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Get Served with Suggested Expenses on iPhone

This week, Abacus launched a new version of our iOS app that brings Suggested Expenses right to your fingertips. With this update, iPhones will serve employees automatically created expenses ready for one-touch submission.

The power of intelligent automation

A couple of months ago, we introduced a new submission process called Suggested Expenses. It made expense submission easier for employees by having Abacus create and pre-fill expenses with information the system already had, including the receipt.

With the Suggested Expenses workflow, all you have to do to submit an expense is capture an image of the receipt — either by snapping a picture with your phone or forwarding an email receipt to Abacus — and write a quick note about the purchase. If you don’t have a card attached to Abacus, the system will automatically create a new expense with information it reads from the receipt. If you do have a card, Abacus will recognize when the corresponding transaction posts in your card activity feed and draft a new expense using that data. Once it’s all filled in, Abacus notifies you that the expense is ready to be submitted. After a quick once-over, you can hit a single button, “Quick Expense,” to send it in for approval.

Now serving: your iPhone

Suggested Expenses started as a desktop-only feature, but it’s been such a hit that we decided to expand it further. First we brought it to Slack, letting you submit, review, and approve expenses without leaving the messaging platform. Today, we’re bringing it to mobile. With Suggested Expenses on iOS, employees can Quick Expense on the go — anytime, anywhere.

To access your card feed and list of suggested expenses, click the bottom-right button when you open the app. The next screen has a toggle at the top. The “Cards” tab shows your card feed and “Suggestions” is a curated list of your waiting expense submissions. Tap the expense to open it up and send.



Expense submitters have their whole workflow available right in their hands. No dealing with expense reports or forgetting to submit items; just turnkey submission for employees and a seamless sync for admins.


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