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New Feature: Group Your Expenses by Client and Project Tags

We’re a bit OCD at Abacus HQ. We love keeping things tidy and organized. It’s our aesthetic, we can’t help it. But there was one thing that was irking us. To us, ‘Tags’ were always this helpful feature that let us organize our expenses beyond just Expense Categories. We wanted to Tag our expenses to a bunch of active projects. As our company grew, so did our set of applicable Tags.

We had a set of them that made sense for our engineering team, but a completely different set for our marketing and sales teams. The list of Tags got commingled. We heard the same feedback from our users too. So we decided to make it easier for administrators to determine which Tags can be seen by which Groups.

Do you want your sales team to apply client Tags to their expenses? Would it be helpful if your event marketing team tagged expenses with the related conference or event? Now it’s simple to set Tag visibility to certain Groups.

It’s a small change that makes the product less distracting for employees. If you have multiple teams that work on their own projects or with their own partners, you can customize your set of Tags to reflect that. While you’re at it, consider making it mandatory for new expenses to have a Tag via our ‘Rule Builder’. This will help ensure that employees are submitting their expenses properly tagged and categorized.

For all you QuickBooks & Xero users out there, you can also map your Abacus Tags to QuickBooks Classes or Xero Tracking Categories. It’s just another way that we’re making the accounting process easier and more automated for everyone involved.

Give it a go and send over your feedback to hi@abacus.com. If there is anything else that you would love to see us improve or build, share that too!

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