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How to Bring Holiday Celebrations to the Office

The Starbucks Red Cup Controversy has been all over the news the past few weeks, and no matter what side you’re on, it’s a shining example of the role that holidays play in our lives. Carrying those celebrations and holidays into the workplace can be a sensitive matter, but also not something to shy away from. Celebrating as a team is an important part of bonding, and holidays provide a natural medium for that.

So how do you bring holiday celebrations to the office without ostracizing or upsetting your team? What is appropriate and is not? We’re no experts on every situation, but we wanted to share how we think about celebrations at Abacus.


Sing it with me! Don’t get so caught up in your own excitement that you stop paying attention to the mission – a happy celebration with your team. Everyone has different traditions, they may celebrate different holidays, or they may not be into the same holidays as you. Be respectful of that and try to come to common ground – finding things that you can all be excited about.


Get everyone involved. The more people involved in planning, preparing and creating the celebration, the more points of view come to the table. It makes it exciting and creates a common bond. Think about how you can slice things up – maybe it’s a potluck or cook-off, perhaps you need help planning games or decorations.

Start Your Own Traditions

Convention can be overrated at times. Who says you need to celebrate around the major holidays? Be bold! Think about celebrating an unpopular holiday like Groundhog Day or an event like the Daytona 500. Go all out – maybe you celebrate the day before and then give employees the “holiday” off. There are no rules that say what you have to celebrate, but it is a great reinforcement of your culture to have something that you celebrate together.


We decided to celebrate Abgiving this year (we really like to eat here!). Similar to a “friends-giving,” everyone brought their favorite dish to share with the team. It didn’t have to be traditional Thanksgiving fare, just something that they really like so that we could enjoy a great lunch with good food and friends to celebrate the things we’re thankful for – awesome customers, a great team, and #LunchChips 🙂


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