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How to Keep Your Satellite Offices Happy and In the Loop

One of the best problems a business can face is the need to open new offices. You’ve made it! You’ve got multiple locations! But with this great milestone comes the divide between headquarters employees and everyone else. Not to worry. You can preempt the roadblocks that often occur with satellite offices by remembering a few key points. We’ve got you covered.

Keep benefits uniform across all offices.

Employees at satellite locations often feel like the second string, but by providing identical benefits and even compensatory benefits to these employees, they’ll know that they’re valued. Do head office employees have access to a gym? Consider providing satellite employees free or discounted memberships to a gym of their choosing. Do managers take out main office employees to lunch each Friday? Think about visiting satellite offices for similar camaraderie, providing care packages, or even allowing them to expense a defined number of personal meals per month. Abacus can help you make that process simple. Little perks like this can make a world of difference.

Include satellite offices in any and all communication.

It’s important for satellite offices to be in the know on all projects, benefits, and even corporate culture. Additional outreach needs to be taken to make sure this is achieved at remote locations. Here are some ideas:

  • Send an email each morning to all employees to keep remote employees feeling included. These emails can include updates on goals, upcoming events, and even highlighting high-achieving employees or teams.
  • Remind headquarters managers working with remote employees the importance of communicating on a personal level with these employees and keeping track of their outside-of-work life. They should have the same kind of “water cooler” conversations that everyone else does.
  • Utilize online chat functionality, whether in house or over the web, to have all employees only a click away from each other at all times.
  • Newsletters, blogs, Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages are other ways to keep these employees well-informed.

Maintain and communicate clear, equitable expectations.

Executives may fear that satellite offices will falter from lack of supervision, but remote employees can just as likely fear that they’ll be coddled with low expectations. By implementing standards and goals for these offices and checking in often for progress updates, these employees will understand that despite their location, they’re just as much a part of the company’s team as the employees as headquarters and play a vital role in achieving the overall objectives of the business. Set up specific dates each day, week, or month for headquarters management to communicate with these employees regarding their overall career objectives.

There’s no reason why these employees should feel any less important simply due to their location. By keeping in mind the human factor, satellite offices can stay filled with satisfied, productive employees.

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