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Humans of Abacus Part 1: Know Your BDR

Our Business Development team is pretty close. But how well do they really know each other? Find out in the video below.

To wrap an eventful 2018, Abacus is excited to present a series of profiles showing some of the inner workings of our company and its people. We kick off with a team that makes our Sales engine run: the Business Development team.

Since joining Abacus earlier this year, BDR Manager Pete Hak has built a team that works hard, hits goals, and genuinely enjoys working with one other. In this profile, we’ll chat with Pete about how he leads his team — then we’ll see how well they really know each other, below.

Your job requires a special kind of person. What qualities do you think make a good Business Development Representative (BDR)?

I think what’s great about BDRs is that you can have a team of people with very different personalities, backgrounds, and upbringings who all perform at a high level.

I don’t think the position is a very “cookie-cutter” type of person, but I believe there are certain traits that help you become successful:

  1. Coachability. The BDR position is typically a person’s first exposure to sales, and sometimes even the workforce. The ability to be curious, ask good questions, accept and implement feedback, and give their manager honest feedback in return helps the individual and the whole team.
  2. Competitiveness. In this position, adversity and rejection happen every day. Having tough skin is a must. Competitive people know what it takes to overcome obstacles and rise to the top in order to hit their goals.
  3. Creativity. Selling and engaging with individuals (often C-level execs) is a tough job in itself. Now imagine trying to do that in an environment in which the modes of communication and engagement are constantly changing. In order to be successful, BDRs have to constantly keep up with industry trends and find new ways to distinguish themselves from the pack — which often means having some level of creativity.

What is unique about the BDR team at Abacus compared to teams you’ve worked with in the past?

I’ve been fortunate to work with some great BDR teams in the past. But what makes Jeremy, Linda, and Sean unique is their ability to adapt and their eagerness to learn. In every team meeting, in every 1-on-1, these three are always asking great questions and giving me honest feedback on how to make our team as efficient as possible. That’s allowed me to do my job at a high level.

I think what makes this group great is that these three want to be the best at what they do. That helps us all put pride aside to achieve our goal. There really are no egos between the four of us.

Heading into next year, what big plans do you have for the BDR team at Abacus?

Next year is going to be an exciting time at Abacus and the BDR team will be a huge part of that. 2019 will have bigger expectations, which will mean growing the headcount of our team and breaking records for bringing in new business. There is a strong collaboration across the Sales team, so the BDRs are going to have a great opportunity to learn from our Sales Executives and prepare themselves to take the next step in their careers. Outside of the office, we’re looking forward to doing more team nights out. We want to celebrate wins and make sure we’re getting enough time to have fun together.

We’re about to test how well they know each other. Any predictions?

I think they’re going to do pretty well! They’re a tight-knit group who enjoys hanging out with one another, not only during the day but also outside of work. I think they definitely have a good feel for each others personalities. If I had to bet on a certainty, I would say they’ll definitely take every opportunity to defend their answers. And we’ll probably see some playful jabs between them.

Know Your BDR

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