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Humans Of Abacus Part 2: Product Support’s ASMR

Find out what work is like as a Abacus Product Support Expert…. and whether you need ASMR to do it. (Video below.)

In part 2 of the Humans of Abacus series, we’re speaking to Charlotte Moore and Hillary Bedeian, two of our Product Support Experts.

Here’s what it’s like working on the front lines of the Customer Success team and learning the nuances of accounting software. Below, watch them test their boss, Syeda Tarannum, to see whether all three members of the team have ASMR.

What does the job of Product Support Expert entail?

Charlotte: We spend a lot of time working with customers, helping them learn how best to use the product and adapt Abacus to their needs. We also work with the product team to incorporate feedback and work on feature releases from the customer success standpoint.

You probably didn’t imagine yourselves as experts in accounting integrations a few years ago. What has the learning curve been like?

Hillary: This is true! I remember calling my finance-minded parents after an Accounting 101 training to brag about my newfound knowledge of the difference between accrual and cash method accounting—only to forget the distinction mid-answer.

Abacus is a complex product, and requires a pretty niche knowledge base in order to navigate as an expert. But the more you work with users, the easier it becomes to spot patterns in product behavior. It just takes time and an investigative approach to become familiar with the way the product works.

Describe the team you work with. What kind of person tends to work here?

Hillary: While there’s no specific type of person that works at Abacus, I would say that as our team has grown, we’ve developed a more cohesive company culture and formed a stronger unit. We’re still a relatively small team, so each person’s personality contributes something unique within the office.

What qualities would help someone do well in the PSE role?

Charlotte: You need to be curious about how things work, and willing to dive into learning if you don’t immediately know the answer. I think all of us enjoy sleuthing around as well, so being ready to explore a problem from different angles is super important.

OK so, just by coincidence, both of you have autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). We’re about to test your manager, Syeda, to see if she has it too. Any predictions?

Hillary: I really don’t think she has it — but I’m ready to find out!

The AbacuSMR Test

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