Abacus Updates

Improved Notifications for Abacus Admins

We’re rolling out a new style of Abacus account notifications for admins today. As your team grows, it can be hard to keep your finger on the pulse of everything. We want to make sure that you know exactly what’s happening with your expense reporting so that things keep flowing smoothly.

In the top left corner of your Abacus account, admins will see a bubble with a number in it. If you have any notifications that need your attention, they will appear here. Each notification is actionable – to resolve outstanding items, click on a notification and you will be directed where you need to go.


The notifications will make sure that you know exactly what the issue is, why it has happened and how to fix it. This can include accounting sync errors, reimbursements that couldn’t be deposited, outstanding corporate card transactions and other issues that might arise.

We want to help you work smarter and keep your Abacus account running smoothly. For more information on how notifications work, check out our support article.

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