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Travel Smart: Introducing Abacus Trips

Alpaca Suitcase

Abacus is excited to debut two features that make it easier to track your travel spend in real time. With the launch of Trips and Daily Rate budgets, finance teams and traveling employees both get a new level of visibility and control over travel expenses.

Abacus organizes your travel expenses into Trips

A breakfast here, a cab ride there—expenses add up quickly when employees travel. With Trips, Abacus automatically gathers up a traveler’s various expenses and presents them in one organized dashboard.

A Trip is suggested when an employee submits an expense likely to be associated with a travel itinerary, like airfare or a hotel stay. Abacus parses the relevant details from the expense, filling in the details of the Trip. As the employee submits subsequent expenses that seem related to the Trip, Abacus suggests they be added in real time. The result is a clear look at the expenses incurred on one traveler’s journey, without the noise of a typical expense report.

Each Trip offers real time visibility to the employee, who sees only their own Trips, and the Admin, who can see everyone’s. The dashboard makes it easy to drill into each Trip’s expenses instantly, find anomalies, and take action.

Trips dashboard

Employees see the status of their expenses outstanding at a glance, and Admins can review and approve expenses with greater context. Each individual expense is tagged with its Trip title (seen below) which makes it easy to spot in a Live Report or any other view.

detail expense on a trip

Trips organizes travel expenses with one another and filters out unrelated transactions. It offers automated, accurate, and real time visibility into money spent away from the office, keeping you on top of travel spend at all times.

Automate travel budgets with Daily Rate

Abacus has also added the ability to limit how much an employee can spend per day on hotels, rental cars, trade show booth costs, or any other multi-day reservation.

The new Daily Rate policy rule lets you automatically flag or block expenses whose per-day dollar amount exceeds your budgeted threshold. Daily Rates can apply to any (or every) user or team, and it can impose a daily limit on any expense category you have—everything from hotel rooms to machinery rental.

Automating these controls enforces your policy at the point of expense submission, keeping employees aware of what is and is not OK to spend.

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Empower your travel policy

Together, Trips and Daily Rate add new power to your travel policy. Travel expenses are organized and budgets are automated, making it painless for employees to keep travel spending in line with your guidelines.

See our support articles for more information about Trips and Daily Rate.

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