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Is QuickBooks Online right for my business?

If your small business runs on QuickBooks—including the Pro, Premier and Enterprise Solutions products—you’re in good company. QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting software packages for small businesses. Today we are here to talk about the other sibling in the QuickBooks family, QuickBooks Online. Many advantages exist in booking your debits and credits in the cloud, and below are the four features we think make QuickBooks Online a powerful piece of software.

QuickBooks Online Allows for Remote Access at Any Time.

You’re on the go, so accessing your accounts remotely is necessary to make strategic business decisions when you’re away from the office. With QuickBooks Online, users can sync their accounts across all their devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Open a chart in your home office and finish reading it while waiting for coffee. The system also allows for up to twenty-five users to access QuickBooks simultaneously, meaning you can be checking numbers at home, your accountant can be finishing payroll, and your salesperson can be placing an order with a customer—all at the same time.

QuickBooks Online does Your Work for You.

Having your accounting system based in the cloud allows for automated interconnectivity among your many moving parts. Among these features, each night QuickBooks Online can download, book, and categorize your bank transactions without you having to lift a finger. Your invoices are dynamic, too, and notify you of time-sensitive updates like which customers have paid you and which are overdue. In addition many book entries, including your Abacus expense reimbursements, are updated automatically, making it that much easier to keep your bookkeeping current. Life is easier when you have software doing your work.

No Recurring Software Purchases and Installations.

Once you’ve signed up for QuickBooks Online, you don’t have to worry about purchasing newer models year after year. Companies pay for QuickBooks Online in monthly payments, with rates varying based on your features, and updates get released two to three times annually for no additional charge. Unless you want to upgrade your services, you’ll never have to purchase another version. Even better, if you have any questions, U.S.-based support is included in your subscription.

A Pleasant, Streamlined Design.

A small business owner shouldn’t have to suffer through bad design in their accounting software. Thankfully, QuickBooks Online delivers beautiful visuals. The service condenses your finances into easily digestible parts. Navigating and understanding your accounts is a breeze with this minimalist approach, while drill-down functionality is available whenever and wherever desired. Bold colors, dynamic graphics and well-organized tables make working in QuickBooks Online visually enjoyable.

Who knew accounting could be fun?


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