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Laying The Groundwork For More Powerful Expense Reporting

Abacus Infrastructure

As we get full swing into 2018, we wanted to share an important update. Abacus has been hard at work making improvements to our infrastructure that will help us roll out some big things later this year. The project is still going strong today, but we wanted to take a moment to bring you behind the scenes and show how this is already benefiting you.

Under the hood

Over the past four years, Abacus has grown from a product built for small teams looking to save receipts into a powerful, feature-rich platform that processes over $100 million in reimbursements a year. Scaling Abacus to handle that volume has been a wild ride, but within the last year, it started to expose some of the limitations of our legacy infrastructure.

Heading into 2018, we decided to set the stage for the next phase of growth by putting on our hard hats and refactoring our infrastructure. The goal was to pave the way for new features and greater volume while continuing to support our growing number of customers.

Since starting this project, some of our backend work has included:

  • Changing the way team hierarchies are structured, which is the engine behind our complex approval workflows and expense reporting.
  • Rebuilding the front end of our search pane from scratch to make it easier to report on spending trends and drill down into expenses.
  • Cleaning up old code—a little bit of spring cleaning ahead of the curve!  

All of it has helped prepare Abacus for a faster, more powerful slate of features set to debut later this year. We already have one early result that we’re excited to show off.

Introducing multi-select search

You can now filter expenses in Abacus by picking multiple values in each field to build more in-depth Live Reports and Insights. In the filter pane, you can select multiple categories under the “category” filter (and the same for employees, clients, projects, etc.) in order to add more dimension to the reports that you can run on company spend.

abacus expense filtering

As you build your report, selecting criteria in multiple filters creates “and” statements, while selecting multiple values within a filter creates “or” statements.

In the above example, we’re creating a Live Report that shows:

  • Expenses that have been approved (seen in the “Status” filter)…
  • …that are also categorized as either “Fees and Subscriptions: Engineering” or “Fees and Subscriptions: Marketing.”

Multi-select search is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re excited for you to see all the ways in which Abacus is getting ready to support more complex workflows, more powerful reporting, and bigger teams. Stay tuned!

To learn more about creating Live Reports, see our support article.


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