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Lever Talent Innovation Summit Recap

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016 was the inaugural Talent Innovation Summit hosted by Lever and we were excited to be there to witness this awesome event. Last week we announced our new integration with Lever to help recruiters automate the candidate reimbursement process as a natural part of their workflow and yesterday, as a proud conference sponsor, we got to show it off in an environment filled with innovation and fresh ideas.

There were more than 250 attendees with hundreds more streaming live online. The conference featured high-caliber speakers and covered topics ranging from strategy to diversity inclusion to the future of recruiting. The hashtag #TalentInnovation quickly became a trending topic on Twitter!

Lever also announced an awesome new feature for nurturing candidates in your recruiting pipeline. The feature allows recruiters to add candidates to a preset email cadence that can be personalized. It was noted that recruiters can spend up to 7.5 hours sourcing candidates just to get one email reply – which doesn’t even mean a positive reply. The email cadence will help recruiters stay on top of candidate communications and get more ROI from the hours spent sourcing.

Here are some great Tweets and photos from the conference. A big thanks to Lever for hosting!


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