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The Must-Have Checklist for Cloud ERP Software

In the past two decades, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has evolved significantly. Technology formerly dominated by a handful of large incumbents has become an integrated ecosystem of small cloud applications. Even while serving as a stable repository of the most important data in the organization, cloud ERP technology is now capable of delivering information in a flexible, real time way.

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Cloud ERP has also changed the way organizations procure their most mission-critical software. In the old days, enterprises bought large software through complex procurement processes. In order to be considered, it had to satisfy the CIO’s checklist of functionality.

With cloud ERP and the SaaS components that comprise it, you now have a new checklist of functionality. Guarantee a successful, scalable implementation by ensuring each new component of your ERP stack can:

Plug and play

SaaS components should be easy to install and easy to swap out. Each should be able to pull your onboarding data from other sources and let you sign in using credentials from another system, a method called “oAuth.”

Connect multiple data sources

Apps make you more agile when they pull data from one another and tap into data silos. This includes sources of data from various parts of the organization; that’s how ERP enables visibility and collaboration between business units.

Optimize processes automatically

Each app will likely handle one specific process. In addition to automating it as much as possible, the solution should present clear opportunities for optimizing that workflow. The software should identify chokepoints in the process or even solve them automatically.

Engage all employees

The biggest impediment to on-prem ERP adoption used to be cultural resistance. Now, employees are free to choose software they love. A SaaS product should look, feel, and work great for everyone from admins to the employees with the app on their phones.

Ensure security

The infrastructure supporting SaaS components has become reliable and enterprise-caliber safe, but it’s still reasonable to make sure your data is being stored and handled in a secure manner.

The time is now

For many companies, moving to cloud ERP will be a big change. Don’t let that deter you. The only way to deliver real time agility is to commit to the right infrastructure. The longer you wait, the further behind you’ll fall. Empower your team and gain insights by switching now.


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