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New Ability to Reroute Expenses for Manager Approval

Businesses have a lot of moving parts – events, cross-departmental projects, and other one-off situations add to the pain points that finance teams experience when managing budgets and expenses. These one-off instances can also impact the approval workflow of an expense for an organization that requires multiple levels of approval. To account for these instances, Abacus now gives admins and managers the option to reroute an expense to another approving manager to provide the first level of approval before it’s handed off to an admin.



Many of our customers choose to add in a manager-level of approval before an expense lands in the administrator’s inbox as they grow to ensure that expenses stay within policy and budget. However, we found that customers needed the ability to reroute expenses most commonly for two reasons.

New Department Manager

It’s not uncommon for an employee to move to a new department or report to a new manager. If she’s already submitted a few expenses in Abacus which no longer fall under the budget of her old department or manager, they can be easily rerouted to her new manager’s inbox by either the admin or her former manager.

Cross-Departmental Expense

There are times when an employee incurs an expense on behalf of another team in the organization and a manager of that department needs to sign off on the expense. For example, someone from sales and another employee from product both attend a marketing event to represent the company, which requires expensing their travel. Instead of their team managers reviewing these expenses, it might make more sense for the approver of marketing expenses to review them.

Everything is Tracked

No matter how many times an expense is passed around, every stop it makes is tracked and logged in the audit trail, which is permanently affixed to the bottom of the expense.

Both admins and managers have the ability to assign a new approving manager to an unapproved expense in their inbox. Re-assigning an expense won’t permanently change an employee’s manager. Learn more about how you can reroute expenses in our support article.


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