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Heralding a New Era in International Expense Reimbursements for Abacus Customers

As you have likely noticed, 2020 has seen a phenomenal amount of innovation for Abacus, as we continue our mission to be the best real-time expense solution on the market. First, we launched the integration of Emburse Cards and Abacus, which enables policy-based cards to be easily issued and administered directly within the expense solution. We’ve enhanced our travel management capabilities through a new relationship with AmTrav, and we’ve also rolled out the new Emburse Receipt Transcription OCR solution to make our receipt capturing capabilities even better.

I’m really excited to launch the latest piece of innovation for Abacus customers – Emburse Global Reimbursements, powered by Wise, the latest addition to the Emburse Pay suite of global payment solutions. For many businesses, reimbursing travelers based outside the United States is a slow and expensive process. International payments made via the SWIFT banking network can take several days to arrive and often come with hefty – and sometimes hidden – fees.

In the same spirit that we created Abacus to make real-time expense a reality, Emburse Global Reimbursements enables organizations to reimburse their overseas employees both cost-effectively and quickly – often within hours of the payment being initiated.

Emburse Global Reimbursements was created in collaboration with our friends at Wise. It enables expense administrators to easily make international reimbursements from within the Abacus dashboard, so it’s incredibly straightforward for organizations to use.

If you’re tired of the same old song and dance when it comes to international reimbursements for your employees, you’ll love how easy, inexpensive and lightning fast Emburse Global Reimbursements is. Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s what Emily Murray of ClassPass says about it.

“As a global organization with hundreds of employees across 30 countries, overseas reimbursements have historically been a pain point. We are always looking for ways to better support our teams and to make our internal processes more efficient. Reimbursing our employees with Emburse Global Reimbursements will give us considerable cost savings, as well as supporting our employees by getting funds back in their accounts up to 90% faster than before.”

Contact us if you’d like learn more about how much time and money you can save.

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