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Reviewing (And Approving) 2017 at Abacus

2017 at Abacus

Here at Abacus, 2017 was an eventful year full of feature launches, new faces, and big initiatives. We close the year serving exciting new customers  and great things to look forward to in the new year. Before we get to work on that, here’s a look at how we spent 2017.

The 5 best features of 2017

This year we launched a number of features designed to make it even easier for finance teams to see and manage their spend in real time. These five in particular highlight our work:

  • Live Reports gives finance teams the ability to create reports to streamline how they review and approve, liberating them from the static expense reports employees used to file. This infographic demonstrates how Live Reports cuts 80% off the time it takes for our customers to review expenses.
  • Insights lets customers visualize their expense data, making spending analysis easier and more powerful. Interested to see it in action? Check out this short video that shows Insights at work.
  • Our Trips Dashboard launched this summer to offer both Admins and Employees a way to organize and view travel expenses. One of our most popular features ever, Trips has helped thousands of customers see their travel expenses clearly.
  • A new way to track Mileage where Abacus can automatically calculate the distance between two points and attach a map as part of the expense.
  • Lyft and Abacus teamed up to offer an automated way to expense work-related rides. Customers with business profiles in Lyft can now have their rides sent directly to Abacus, where the expense will be pre-filled.

Fun stuff at Abacus HQ

We had a lot going on behind the scenes, too. We welcomed in a few new people, survived an ongoing Game of Thrones over control of the snack orders, and came up with a lot of new ideas about how to help our users manage expenses more efficiently. Here are three company highlights from 2017.

  • We re-launched our website. To reflect our new features and the additional value they can offer our customers, we redesigned our website. We are particularly excited about our new features page!
  • We officially launched our Partner Program to help bring real time expense reporting to more teams. The new initiative offered us a more efficient way to work with our partners, and tailor our expense reporting to a wide variety of use cases. Much more coming on this in the new year!
  • Our company retreat in July took us to rural Pennsylvania for three days of teambuilding and highly competitive lawn sports. Activities ran the gamut from physical challenges to collaborative to business-oriented, glued together by the common bond of grilling. It was a great way to get aligned before a period of growth. Which brings us to today.

(Still) the customer satisfaction leader

Abacus entered 2017 as the market leader in customer satisfaction among all expense solutions. This year, we did it again. Software review site G2 Crowd has once again named Abacus the smoothest implementation of any expense software, and the highest-rated expense reporting software overall across all market segments. We’re humbled to accept these honors, and we hope to exceed this high bar in the new year.

To all of our customers and partners, thanks for helping us along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you. We’re excited for you to see what we have in store.


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