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Salesforce and Abacus – Some Things are Just Better Together

Exciting news for Abacus customers who also use Salesforce – your expense management system can now directly integrate with your CRM! Abacus is proud to announce an integration that will bring sales and expense data together, empowering end-to-end business insights across Salesforce, Abacus, and your accounting software.

Connect expenses and revenue

Your expense data and the information in your customer relationship management system are intrinsically related but have been hard to combine together. Our new integration maps Account, Opportunity, and Campaign data from Salesforce to custom expense fields in Abacus so that customers can tag expenses with more detailed information. This means no more painful, manual work every time you need to report on spend per client or project, now you can simply build filtered views and custom reports within Abacus.


Salesforce data can be filtered to create custom expense fields that only uses a subset of the data. For example, only sync Account names where the Account Type is “customer” into a custom Abacus expense field that is designated just for your customers.


For customers who currently sync custom Abacus expense fields into NetSuite, QuickBooks, or Xero, it gets even better. The mapped custom fields will sync into your accounting software, so that all three platforms will share a common source of data, ensuring that information is consistent everywhere and always up-to-date.

How you can use this integration

With a direct link between sales and expense data, your reporting becomes more powerful. Here are some examples of the insights you’ll be able to effortlessly report, using real time data:

  • Relationship profitability – Compare at a glance what you’re spending on a client or project compared to the revenue it’s generating. One accurate client list now ties together Salesforce, Abacus, and your accounting platform. This can be especially useful for reporting on customer or project accounts to which you bill back expenses.
  • Campaign ROI – The cost of a sponsorship isn’t the only company money spent on events. Now your return on investment reporting can factor in travel, meals and other conference purchases. This previously siloed data can easily be tagged and attributed to campaigns, affording you better visibility into ROI.
  • CAC – Calculate your Customer Acquisition Cost more accurately by factoring in expenses associated with new business deals, such as meals, game tickets, etc. You’ll be able to attribute individual expenses to opportunities, letting you see exactly how much of your T&E spend is pulling in new business — and exactly where it’s spent.

With this integration, you’ll be able to translate your entire customer relationship operation into strategic insight and more optimized company spend, all with the flexibility of Abacus. Sales and expense data, together at last.

Get this integration

Ready to link your Salesforce and Abacus accounts? Contact us for more information on how to get started!


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