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SAML-Based SSO For Real Time Expense Reporting

Abacus announces Single Sign-On, giving your employees seamless access to real time expense reporting.

We’ve been busy here at HQ, hard at work rolling out a new, top-requested feature: Single Sign-On (SSO). Rolling out at the end of this quarter for all customers on our Enterprise plan, we’re excited to share that we are accepting early sign-ups with a special offer!

Single Sign-On for Abacus

There are several SSO platforms that organizations use to manage employee accounts. After surveying customers and researching options, we chose to build for SAML-based SSO. As an open protocol and the industry standard for SSO, it offered the most options for vendors such as Okta, OneLogin, Google SAML, Jumpcloud, etc.

This feature is available to everyone on our Enterprise plan.

What is SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO)?

According to OneLogin, “Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a standard protocol for web browser Single Sign-On (SSO) using secure tokens. SAML completely eliminates all passwords and instead uses standard cryptography and digital signatures to pass a secure sign-in token from an identity provider to a SaaS application.”

Have more questions or interested in SSO? Contact us at hi@abacus.com or request a demo today!

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