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Secret Free Tools to Help You Run Your Business

With summer rolling to a close and productivity picking back up at the office, we decided to put together a list of free tools that you may not have heard of to help ease the stress of your workload. Everyone knows how great tools like Slack, Dropbox and Trello are – but there are loads of secret free tools that can help with things like restoring deleted calendar appointments and posting to social media.

Here is our list of secret free tools:


Baremetrics’ Build or Buy Calculator

To build or not to build, that is often the question. Thankfully Baremetrics pulled together a great calculator that lets you figure out the best solution. If you’re trying to decide between building a tool yourself or buying something that exists, input your numbers for some guidance.


Undelete Google Calendar by Spanning

Who hasn’t accidentally deleted an appointment off of they Google calendar? I know I have. Thankfully, Spanning makes a great tool to Ctrl-Z the problem. Don’t miss out on an important meeting because you lost the appointment!


Invoice Generator by FreshBooks

Often times, freelancers or new business owners need to quickly generate a professional looking invoice. FreshBooks put together a quick and easy tool that makes it a snap.


Adwords and Landing Page Grader from Wordstream

A must have for anyone running Google Adwords or Bing Ads – these graders specifically look at your landing pages to see if they are optimized for your ads (to help you improve your quality score) and they also grade your advertising accounts to help you optimize for better results and lower spend.


Website Grader from Hubspot

Hubspot will analyze your website and give you tips on how to improve your SEO and other aspects to your online presence. They also take a look at your blogging and social media efforts, and any pages that link back to you.


Piktocharts infographic builder

Interested in creating infographics but don’t have the internal design resources? Piktochart makes it quick and easy to visualize your data.


Slemma data visualization

I’m not a huge fan of the charts tool in Google spreadsheets. Thankfully I found Slemma. The free version of this tool will sync with your Google or Excel spreadsheets and help you create beautiful charts and graphs to wow at your next presentation or meeting.


Streak Gmail management

We live out of our Google Inbox. Securing deals, scheduling appointments – it all happens right there. But it can get a bit messy and overwhelming. Streak helps you organize your inbox, set follow up reminders, and also does a great job at mail merge for mass emails.


Accounts Receivables Grader from FundingGates

Making sure you get paid can be hard at times, and following up to ask for that money can be even harder. FundingGates put together some great templates for follow up and also a few graders to help you understand your accounts receivables situation.


Sales Funnel from InsightSquared

If you happen to be using Salesforce, InsightSquared has some great reporting tools to help you makes sense of the data mess. The Sales Funnel tool helps you optimize your sales conversion rates and speed up your selling cycle.



Social media is a must for businesses, but as a small business it can be hard to stay on top of all of them and regularly post. Buffer helps you schedule your posts in a timely manner, as well as provide analytics for engagement.

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