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Customer Spotlight: How Shake Is Going Mobile

The team at Shake is building a mobile-first technology platform for simplifying the process of creating, signing and sending legal agreements. Renting out a spare bedroom and thinking of getting a renter’s agreement in place? Buying something off craigslist and want to guarantee some purchase protection? Planning an event and want to execute a contract with the venue? Shake gives you the tools to create simple agreements and makes it really simple to execute and manage those contracts. Best of all, they let you do everything through ridiculously easy to use mobile apps.

A Common Startup Story

Like your traditional startup CEO, Abe Geiger was wearing lots of hats. Everything from product, to operations, to business development. As Shake started to grow, some of these tasks become more demanding. On the finance side, he quickly realized that he needed the right set of tools in place to automate as much of the bookkeeping process as possible. Employee expenses were taking up more and more time, but it was also something that couldn’t be postponed for later (we’re talking about people’s money!)

When the team was smaller, Abe was able to handle the few miscellaneous expenses manually, it wasn’t too much of a distraction. But in no time the team accumulated more trips, meetings, supplies, and software that all resulted in more expenses and reimbursements. The process fell apart and Abe knew he would need to roll out a tool to keep his house in order.

An App To Empower Employees

The folks at Shake are a mobile bunch and they obsess over well designed products. Their biggest complaint with the old way of handling expenses was that they needed to get back to their computers and scanners to submit their expense reports. For a team that spent their days creating mobile-first legal tools, it felt backwards to file expenses this way. Ultimately the delay in submitting expenses and receiving reimbursements forced the team to look for a speedier solution.

For Abe, it was important that a tool could accomplish two things:

  1. Give the employees the flexibility to submit their expenses from anywhere.
  2. Empower the managers at Shake to help facilitate the expense process.

It’s a no brainer that the team welcomed the Abacus mobile app with open arms. It allowed them to ditch the scanner entirely and submit their expenses the same day that they incurred them. It was a workflow analogous to the one they were making for the creation and execution of legal agreements.

Abe was also able to delegate approval rights to managers internally. This saved him time each week by letting managers review their team’s expenses directly, keeping more folks accountable and in tune to company spend. Things were no longer a black box.

A Bookkeeper’s Dream

We asked Abe what the most painful part of the expense management process was during the pre-Abacus days. Without a pause, he told us that having to keep his books up to date with both the reimbursements and corporate credit card activity was the biggest headache. It felt like playing catch up each time he logged into Xero. Having to reconcile spreadsheets, bank statements, and other PDFs at the end of each month wasted both his and his bookkeeper’s time.

One of the biggest advantages to switching to Abacus has been the integrated accounting sync. At the end of the month there is no need for additional data entry since Abacus was pushing everything in automatically throughout the period. No more angry bookkeeper and no more end of month scrambles.

What’s next for Shake?

This week, Shake is launching Shake Pro, their first product specifically for business users. With Shake Pro, businesses can upload their own forms and templates, add company branding, receive smart notifications about payment dates and other key provisions extracted from contracts and automatically send their completed contracts to Dropbox.

Like Abacus, Shake Pro is about helping businesses of all size increase their productivity and save time, and we’re excited that Shake has agreed to give Abacus customers a 25% discount on their first year of Shake Pro (coupon code: ABACUS), which is normally $10 per month (on an annual plan). Click here for more info and to sign up.

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