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At Abacus, we’re building the first intelligent expense reporting software – a tool that takes automation to the next level by using data signals to help your team work smarter. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes building the core of our new predictive system.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the first in a wave of new features to bring these data signals into Abacus.

Your List of Suggested Expenses

Suggested Expenses uses data signals from your receipts, credit card feeds and expensing patterns to automatically compile a list of expenses for you to submit. We’ll pull together all the information we have from your connected data sources to start creating your expenses, then using a scoring method, we will identify which ones we think are ready (or almost ready) to go. Abacus will prompt you for any missing information needed that we know we can’t get (like a note or project name) which you can easily add. Once we don’t need anything else from you, you will see a prompt to submit the expense.


User tip: Be sure to connect your credit card to Abacus and then just snap a photo of your receipt in the app. Expenses will appear in Suggested Expenses when they’re ready!

What Makes Abacus ‘Intelligent’?

Automation in expense reporting software is fairly common. However, the reality is that it’s limited in capability because it automates at an expense report level. As a real time expense reporting platform, Abacus looks at individual transactions. This means we can collect pieces of data and apply them to individual expenses in order to kick off and steer the automated processes. This granularity gives you control down to every expense detail making rules, auto-approving and reporting more powerful and much smarter.

Future Features

We’re going to keep working on making Suggested Expenses more intelligent – adding in more data sources, fine tuning the scoring process, and bringing in automation that runs off of our new layer of intelligence.

Learn more about how to use suggested expenses in our help article.


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