Developing In Real Time

So You Want to Write About Product Development…

How we’ve designed our engineering blog, and what you can expect from it this year.

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new Engineering blog, Developing In Real Time. Our team is passionate about building forward-thinking products in a sustainable manner, and we have a lot of experiences to share. To kick things off, we wanted to take a moment to introduce the project, and why we decided to add our voices.

Writing about product development forces a company to articulate its internal philosophy. It can improve visibility, aid recruitment efforts, and share meaningful ideas. At Abacus, one of our strengths is our commitment to strict development conventions. But we haven’t put much energy into framing them for a broader audience till now.

We aren’t going to publish ‘mini-manuals’ on coding. That work is invaluable, but there are already many resources for developers trying to paginate results in JavaScript, or validate phone numbers, or whatever the thing may be.

We want to reach beyond engineers—to designers, managers, and all other strata of the product development cycle—by writing posts that stem from our experiences and our values. Because as difficult as building new products, apps, and features can be, some of the most difficult aspects are also the least talked about: real-world collaborative processes around development, maintenance, scaling, performance, and refactoring.

Today we’re launching the Abacus Engineering blog to discuss these issues. This will be a place to hear our stories from building Abacus, by and for opinionated product enthusiasts. You can expect posts on technology, design, decision-making, and communication around products. Whether you’re on a small team at a big company, or in the first leg of your journey at a brand new startup—if you’re a builder, this blog is for you.

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