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Submit Expenses For Others With New Delegates Feature

Abacus is rolling out a new feature called Delegates that lets employees submit corporate card expenses on behalf of other team members. If someone in your office has an assistant, or if multiple people need to submit receipts for the same corporate card, Delegates offers an easy way to manage access and permissions.

Here’s how Abacus lets you and your colleagues submit expenses for others.

It takes a village

Although Abacus has officially the easiest submission process on the market, not all of our customers submit their own expenses. If you’re in this camp, the Delegates feature lets you capture your receipts in the Abacus app while allowing other people to complete and submit expenses on your behalf.

With the Delegates workflow, all you have to do is take a quick picture of a receipt or forward an email receipt to your Abacus inbox. (That address, as always, is receipts@abacus.com.) Anyone designated as a Delegate on your corporate card will then be able to see your corporate card feed, access your Receipts, and submit expenses on your behalf.

If you submit your own expenses, Delegates probably won’t change your workflow. (Though you might notice that the Team Cards page has a fresh new design.) For those who have a little help from their friends when submitting, or who have expenses from other employees on their card, Abacus is now significantly easier to use.

Putting the “team” in Team Cards

Admins automatically have access to everyone’s card feeds through the Team Cards page. Non-Admins can now be given this access to specific employees by being named a Delegate. This access can be granted by any Admin.

A non-Admin who is designated as a Delegate will see a new toggle in the upper-left corner of the screen. When they click on the Delegate tab, they’ll find a Team Cards dashboard populated by only the team members they’ve been permitted to look at. Here’s how it would look if I were assigned to be a Delegate for our CTO Josh.


As you can see, the Team Cards view now presents all of Josh’s unsubmitted corporate card transactions. Some have been matched with receipts and others are awaiting them. If I click the pencil icon to the right of each transaction, I will be able to edit that expense, attach one of his Receipts, and submit it on his behalf.

Your new expense submission sidekick

Delegates smooths out two common workflows.

  1. If an employee has an assistant who regularly completes expenses on their behalf, the assistant can now be made a Delegate. The employee who incurs the expenses will use Abacus as a receipt capture app, and their assistant will finish the submission.
  2. If a corporate card is used by multiple employees, they can all become Delegates of that card in order to submit the transactions they incurred.

All told, Delegates makes the Team Cards page even more powerful and makes it accessible to everyone. It is now that much easier to manage card submissions, especially for teams who have assistants expensing on their behalf back in the office.

To learn more, including how to assign Delegates, see our support article.

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