Abacus Updates

The New Look of Expense Report Automation

If you logged in to Abacus today, you might have noticed that things look a little different. Not to worry! We’ve been making some improvements, not only to the look and feel of Abacus, but also to how expenses are created and approved. We’ve got a whole bunch of new tricks up our sleeve!

New Look and Navigation

You might be wondering why we changed the way Abacus looks. Our goal was not only to make it easier to navigate, but also to make features like saved searches easier to find and use. Now all of your saved searches will appear in a list on the left side under in the Expenses section with the number next to it indicating how many unapproved expenses are in each dynamic report. You’ll know what needs your attention and can get there quickly and clear it out.


We’ve put together a tour of the new navigation that you can check out here.

Your Receipts

A big change that we’ve recently added that you may or may not have noticed, is the ability to transcribe your receipts. That’s right… now you can simply upload a picture of your receipt from your phone or forward from your email. If you’ve linked your credit card to Abacus, we’ll automatically match the receipt to your card transactions and you can expense right from your credit card (personal or corporate) feed. And if you don’t have a card connected, just head to your receipt bin, click ‘expense’ on the receipt, and ‘merchant’ and ‘amount’ and ‘date’ will already be filled out.

Upload Multiple Receipts

Have a lot of receipts saved that just haven’t made it into your Abacus account yet? Not to worry. Using the receipt bin in our web app, you can now upload multiple receipts at a time. Simply click the upload button and select multiple items. Bonus – once you upload them, we’ll read them all for you (this might take a few minutes) or match them to your card feed transactions to make expensing super fast.

Automatically Approve Recurring Expenses

Do you have expenses that come in every month and you always approve them? Now all of those monthly software subscriptions and dues can be automatically approved! Set the rules to be as specific as you want. In fact, you can create an auto-approval rule right from an expense. The system will use the expense details to build the rule for you.


Simply click the “Create Auto Approval Rule” at the bottom of the expense detail and we’ll create the rule according to amount, category and who submitted it. Read more about making auto-approval rules here.



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