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Tips for Admins: Getting the Most Out of Abacus

I work with customers to help them optimize their experience in Abacus, especially new admins, and I always want to make sure that they’re discovering 100% of our features. So I’ve pulled together a few pro tips to help you get the most out of your Abacus account.

Using Tags to Help Contextualize and Classify Expenses

Tags are a great way for your team to link expenses to a specific project, account, conference, or client. Perhaps your 10-person executive team is having an annual off-site retreat and you want to track the total amount spent. By using a Tag for this event, you will be able to easily report on all expenses associated with this trip because tags group expenses at a high level for reviewing, approving, and reporting purposes. You can also customize tags for specific groups, allowing only the Executive Team to see the “Annual Retreat” tag.

“How do I get my team to start using Tags?” you might be asking yourself. That leads us to our next tip!

Creating Rules to Make Your Life Easier

As an Abacus admin, you can set up rules to automate your expense policy and make hunting down information a thing of the past. Let’s continue with the Tags example. You’d like to mandate usage of the tag “Annual Retreat” for the executive team going on the trip. With the  Abacus Rule Builder, you can create a rule that applies to a specific group (i.e. “Executive Team”) and require that everyone in that group apply a tag to their expense before submitting it for approval.

Some of the most common rules we see our clients create are:

  • Receipt required for expenses over $75
  • Tag required for a Group (i.e. the Executive Team)
  • Per diem budget for a category (i.e. Meals)
  • Category required for any expense

Once your rules are in place, approving expenses with the click of a button will be even faster. As you’re approving expenses, you can rest easy knowing that all the expenses that show up in your Inbox for approval have been vetted by your automated rules, and are within your expense policy.

Visit the Policy page in your account to explore setting up rules in your own account!

How to Use Filtering for Faster, Bulk Approvals

Another pro-tip for faster approvals is to use filtering to view a particular group of expenses, and then bulk-approving them all at once. You can currently filter by any combination of amount, category, user, group, tag, hashtag, date, merchant, receipt, reimbursable, warnings and approval state. You can also set time constraints on any of these filters, so you can drill down to a certain year, month, week, day, or set a custom date range.

A common filter use case for many of our customers is to search for all unapproved expenses by a certain user (you would use two data points: state and user), then select all of the expenses and bulk-approve. Approval in one fell swoop!

Common filters our customers use are:

  • State and User to get all unapproved expenses for an employee for bulk-approving
  • Group and Tag to see how much a department has spent on a specific event
  • Category and Last Month to see overall monthly spend in a particular category

Hopefully these tips improve your experience as an Admin in Abacus. For more tips and tricks, browse our support page.


Not using Abacus yet but want to take advantage of these great features? You can try Abacus free for 30 days!

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