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Uncommon Travel Perks for Your Frequent Travelers

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Americans make more than 405 million long-distance business trips per year. For air travel, the majority of those trips are over 3 hours long. Adding in the two and a half hours to get to the airport, get through security and wait for your plane – you’re looking at a day lost to travel. And then they have to do it on the way back. 

Not only is it frustrating for the flyer, but you lose productivity. Airport wifi is unreliable, it’s crowded and distracting, and completely uncomfortable. Getting work done becomes a challenge that most employees opt of – instead focusing on just trying to make it through the process. 

However, for those employees who are frequent travelers, it might make sense to offer some additional perks that could help remove the friction of traveling and help prevent burnout. 

Getting Through Security Faster

The security lines at high traffic airports can be brutal – LAX, JFK, ATL, you could be looking at an hour just to get through the full body scan. Many employers are now offering reimbursements on TSA Precheck fees and for global travelers, Global Entry. However, additional services like Clear, offer additional speed through security at a price point that reasonable for those heavy travelers. 

Wifi Everywhere

Another way to help employees stay productive while traveling, is to help them easily stay connected. Reimbursing in-air wifi means that they can have the access they need to get work done on-the-go. 

A Better Credit Card 

There are some pretty great perks available on personal cards these days if you qualify for them. For those frequent flyers, it might be worth splitting the annual fee of the card with them. If they elect to get a credit card with an annual fee, those cards often come with perks of their own such as lounge access, fee checked bags and even TSA Precheck reimbursement. So splitting the cost of the annual fee is an inexpensive way to get them access to a plethora of productivity perks. 

A Smoother Roll

For those globetrotters who are always on the go, reliable, sturdy luggage is a must. Add in luggage that can charge your laptop or has GPS location on it, and you can instantly make your travels more efficient. Springing for a nice piece of luggage for those who travel over a certain amount per year, is a great way to help them but also say thank you. 

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