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Redesigned Suggested Expenses. We threw a fresh coat of paint on the suggestions tab to improve usability and performance.

New Feature

We added our Trips feature to the iOS and Android apps. In this release we added the ability to create trips from the time of expense creation, as well as the ability to edit the name and date of existing trips.

New Feature

Push Notifications on Android. Added ability to trigger push notifications on the Android App.

New Feature

Update Categories. Expense categories can now be added or changed in bulk via CSV upload.

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Policy compatibility warnings. The Expense Policy page now warns Admins when a rule is detected as being not compatible or viable.


Currency toggle. Users can now choose the primary currency in which expense amounts are displayed.


Corporate card expense submission. The expense creation button in a cardholder’s web app now distinguishes between non-reimbursable (corporate card) and reimbursable options. Learn More


Policy page. The Expense Policy page and Add Rule workflows have been redesigned. Learn More


Jumpcloud now lists Abacus in their app store, simplifying Single Sign-On (SAML) setup.


International currency. Adjust Amount now modifies the values of both the entered (international) currency and USD. Learn More

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