SAML-Based SSO For Real Time Expense Reporting

Abacus is excited to launch SAML-based Single Sign-On, giving all your employees seamless access to real time expense reporting.

Make Yourself In-Demand: How Finance Leaders Do Personal Branding

In our newest ebook, 5 finance professionals share stories and tips from building their personal brands. Here's how to make yourself in-demand.

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The 5 Best CFO Conferences of Spring 2019

Among all the educational gatherings available to CFOs and finance leaders this conference season, here's our list of the five most valuable.

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3 Surprising Factors That Determine The IRS Mileage Rate

The IRS standard mileage deduction isn't based on just the cost of gas. It's actually an index that combines diverse data from across the economy.

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What Abacus Cooked Up In 2018

A look back at our projects, people, and fun moments from 2018. Includes a link to "Cooking The Books," the year-end cookbook we produced entirely in-house.

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Humans Of Abacus Part 2: Product Support’s ASMR

See what life is like on our Product Support team in this interview, and watch a video testing whether they all share the sensory condition known as ASMR.

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Humans of Abacus Part 1: Know Your BDR

Sean, Linda, and Jeremy are a pretty tight-knit team. But how well do they actually know each other? Find out in a game we like to call "Know Your BDR."

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How to Earn the Paid Family and Medical Leave Tax Credit

Businesses that offer paid family and medical leave to employees making less than $72,000 may be eligible to recover up to 25% of that cost. Will it work?

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How to Calculate the ROI of Real Time Expense Reporting