Air On The Side Of Real Time With Abacus Corporate Travel Booking

Introducing Abacus Travel: a corporate travel booking portal accessible right inside the Abacus real time expense reporting platform.

Comparison: Which Microsoft Dynamics ERP Is Right For You?

The Microsoft Dynamics family is comprised of four ERP solutions that each have their own history, use case, and fan base. See which one fits you.

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How Tesla Could Reduce Expenses More Efficiently

Elon Musk's latest austerity crusade centers around an inefficient expense-cutting effort. Here's how real time expense reporting could help.

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How Abacus Permissions Data Through Its API (Part 1)

In the first post of a three part series, we’ll share how we built a powerful and extensible data-permissioning layer into our API.

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5 Ways To Measure The ROI of Attending A Conference

Attending a conference is expensive. Try these creative ways of determining the ROI of paying for someone to learn at an educational or industry event.

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Two-Thirds of Accountants Want An Accountant President

We surveyed our community of accountants. Here’s why they think their profession's skill set would translate well to the Oval Office.

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Survey: Would You Want An Accountant President?

Take our anonymous survey to answer a simple question: what would it look like if the United States elected an accountant president for the first time?

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AbaCustard: How To Explain A Web App with Whimsy

To help the company understand the way our web application works, the Abacus Engineering team invented a fun, accessible analogy.

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How to Calculate the ROI of Real Time Expense Reporting